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Welcome to the local homepage of SimBio project

The project SimBio-"A generic environment for bio-numerical simulation" (IST-1999-10378)-is a European project from a Fifth Framework Programme, within thematic programme "User-friendly information society" (IST).
The central objective of the ongoing SimBio project (IST-1999-10378) activities is the improvement of clinical and medical practices by the use of numerical simulation for bio-medical problems - "bio-numerical simulation". Building on existing experience with particular applications, a generic simulation environment will be produced which will provide an innovative enabling technology for advanced clinical practice and health care. A key feature in the SimBio project is the possibility to use individual patient data as input to the modelling and simulation process.

The SimBio generic environment will be validated and evaluated by three specific applications:

  • electromagnetic source localisation within the human brain based on electroencephalography (EEG) and magnetoencephalography (MEG) measurements at the surface of the head;
  • bio-mechanical simulations of the human head, including modelling of neurodegenerative diseases and neurosurgical interventions;
  • the design of novel replacement parts for the menisci of the human knee joint and methods for their surgical implantation.

The SimBio Consortium consists of partners from the following countries: Germany, England, France, Netherlands, and Slovenia. There are also two SimBio project partners from Slovenia, i.e. the University of Maribor (UNI-MB) and the Teaching Hospital of Maribor (SBM) team. As independent assessors and potential end-users both Maribor partners are responsible to perform site independent SimBio generic environment installation and evaluation/validation of results generated in order to solve the problem of Design of novel replacement parts for the menisci of the human knee joint and methods for their surgical implantation (prosthesis design).

On this homepage many important information and useful links regarding project activities of both SimBio partners from Maribor can be found.

In the end, we are again warmly welcome you on our homepage.

Dr. Božidar Potočnik