Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science System Software Laboratory University of Maribor
Members of the System Software Laboratory teach several courses at the bachelor’s level of the university and higher-professional programmes, and at the university master's and doctoral levels. We cover topics of operating systems and system software, logical circuits, computer-system design, testing computer hardware and software, signal and image processing, computer vision, and pattern recognition. Goals, teaching methods, prerequisites, grading, and theoretical and practical lessons are presented for each course. (Slovene only)

Student projects
Student projects
Students of bachelor’s university and higher-professional programmes are involved in student projects. In the second and third year of studies, they enrol one of two available projects whose practical topics and aims are refreshed every year. Each of the projects combines 8 elective courses that fit given project purposes best. (Slovene only)

Members of the System Software Laboratory supervise postgraduate and graduate student theses. Defended works are listed here, including the titles of doctoral, master’s and diploma theses, names of their supervisors, dates of defense, and links to the full content when published on web.