Fakulteta za elektrotehniko, računalništvo in informatiko Laboratorij za sistemsko programsko opremo Univerza v Mariboru

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Angleško-slovenski besednjak izobraževanja na daljavoE-111
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Avatars in networked virtual environmentsC-209
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Bayesian Reasoning and Machine Learning - PODVOJENI VNOSG-2101
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Beyond WaveletsC-201
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Bio-medical telemetry : sensing and transmitting biological information from animals and manE-111
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Computer vision and image processing : a practical approach using CVIPtoolsG2-2N.43
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Computer-based exercises for signal processing using MATLABC-201
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Contemporary Logic DesignG-2101
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Continuous and discrete signals and systemsG-2101
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Data structures and algorithm analysisC-201
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Debugging Embedded Microprocessor SystemsC-201
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DEC Server 200 for VAX/VMS and microVMSC-201P
Decomposition Methodology for Knowledge Discovery and Data Minig: Theory and ApplicationsG-2101
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Design of Pulse OximetersE-112
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Diagnostic Ultrasound Imaging: Inside outG-2101
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Digital Color Image ProcessingE-112
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Digital image processingC-201
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Digital image processing : concepts, algorithms, and scientific applicationsC-201
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Digital Image Processing: a practical introduction using JavaC-201
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Digital Image Sequence Processing, Compression, and AnalysisC-201
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Digital signal processing : theory, applications, and hardwareG-2101
Digital Signal Processing Algorithms. Number Theory, Convolution, FFTs, and ApplicationsG-2101
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Digital signal Processing in VLSIE-111
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Digital Signal Processing with Examples in MATLABG-2101
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Digital Sound Processing for Music and MultimediaE-111
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Digital spectral analysis : with applicationsE-111
Digital systems design and prototyping using field programmable logicG2-2N.43
Digital systems design with VHDL and synthesis : an integrated approachG2-2N.43
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Discrete-time signal processingG2-2N.43
Discrete-time signal processingE-112
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Dobra çola, Vodenje uŸencev brez prisileG-2101
Doloçanje performans raŸunalniçkih sistemovG-2101
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Evolucijski algoritmiE-111
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Getting Into Digital RecordingE-111
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HTML : the definitive guideG-2101
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Inside Visual C++E-111
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Insight into ImagesC-201
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Introduction to Random Signals and NoiseG-2101
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Introduction to simulation using SIMANG2-2N.43
Introductory techniques for 3-D computer visionC-201
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Introductory Techniques for 3-D Computer VisionG-2101
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IPng and the TCP/IP protocols : implementing the next generation InternetG2-2N.43
Išemija i infarkt miokardaG-2101
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Izmeriteljnoe televidenieG-2101
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Java and object orientation : an introductionG-2101
Java How to program Eighth EditionE-111
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Java in a NutshellE-111
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Java Network ProgrammingC-209
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Java, How to Program, Third EditionG-2101
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Java, programiranje za InternetG2-2N.43
JavaScript sourcebook : create interactive JavaScript programs for the World Wide WebC-209
JDBC (najpomembnejši razredi in metode)E-111
Joint time-frequency analysis : methods and applications (incl. 2 x 1,44)E-111
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Kernel projects for Linux (incl. 2 CDs)C-209
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LaTeX A Documnet Preparation SystemE-111
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Leksikon raèunalništva in informatikeG-2101
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Leksikon raèunalništva in informatikeC-201
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Linear and Nonlinear Structual MechanicsC-201
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Linux - unleasing the workstation in your PCG-2101
Linux Administration HandbookE-111
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Linux device drivers : a unix-compatible operating system for the personal computerE-111
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Linux in a Nutshell : a desktop quick referenceG2-2N.43
Linux Server Hacks, 100 Industrial-Strength Tips & ToolsG-2101
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Linux: The Complete Reference, 4th ed. (incl. 2 CDs)C-209
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Logic in Computer ScienceG-2101
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LogiŸne osnove odloŸanja in pomnjenja v raŸunalniçkih sistemihG2-2N.43
Machine Learning An Algorithnic PerspectiveE-112
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Machine visionG2-2N.43
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Mathematical Tools in Signal Processing with C++ & Java SimulationsG-2101
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Matrix AnalysisG-2101
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Matrix computationsC-209
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Micro and Nano Manipulations for Biomedical ApplicationsG-2101
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Microchip PIC 16F8XE-111
Microcomputer engineeringG2-2N.43
Microprocessors and microcomputer-based system designG2-2N.43
Microsoft access 97 step by stepG2-2N.43
Microsoft Visual Basic .NET Step by StepG-2101
     Michael Halvorson, 2003
Microsoft Visual Basic [RaŸunalniçka datoteka]G2-2N.43
Microsoft Visual basic 5 step by step : [self-paced training manualG2-2N.43
Microsoft Visual Basic 5.0 : programmer's guideG2-2N.43
Microsoft Windows 98 : korak za korakom : [za slovensko razliŸico]G2-2N.43
Microsoft Windows NT workstation resource kit : [comprehensive resource guide and utilities for Windows NT workstationG2-2N.43
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Modeling and simulationG-2101
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Multivariate image analysisG-2101
Music and new technology - the MIDI connectionE-111
Naèrtovanje digitalnih vezij v jeziku VHDLC-201
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